Young Duu Biography: Age, Songs, Record Label, Net Worth And Endorsement

Discover Young Duu biography and early life,  a rising star in the Nigerian music scene. Born in 2003, he’s already making waves with his unique style and content. Learn about his early life, music career, and aspirations, including the dream of winning a Grammy Award.

Despite the playful banter, Young Duu’s talent and commitment set him on a promising path in the industry. Explore his story and what the future might hold for this young artist.

Young duu Biography overview

Young Duu is a name that has been making waves in the Nigerian music industry. As an emerging singer and a notable presence on social media, he’s become known as the latest artist signed to Portable’s record label, Zeh Nation. In this introduction, we’ll take a closer look at the life and career of Young Duu, a young talent with aspirations of achieving the highly coveted Grammy Award.

Early Life

Born in 2003, Young Duu’s exact birth date and month are yet to be disclosed. His roots trace back to Lagos State, Nigeria, where he grew up. From an early age, he developed a profound passion for music and began his journey towards becoming a celebrated singer, harboring dreams of one day winning a prestigious Grammy Award.

Music Career

Young Duu biography portray a journey in music commenced long before he gained recognition in 2023 when he secured a record deal with Zeh Nation, a record label owned by the renowned and often controversial street pop artist, Portable.

Under the banner of Zeh Nation, Young Duu has released several songs, including “Sho Sho Sho” featuring Portable, “Kilowa” featuring Olamzzy, and his most recent track, “Egbemi,” which garnered moderate reviews.

What sets him apart is his ability to create entertaining and humorous content on social media, frequently showcasing his unique voice and captivating smile in freestyle performances. This distinctive approach has helped him maintain his relevance in the competitive music industry.

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While Young Duu is yet to deliver a notable project, there’s considerable anticipation regarding what this budding talent has in store for the industry. The hope is that he might achieve the pinnacle of success by winning a coveted Grammy Award.

Young duu biography and endorsement deal
Young duu biography and endorsement deal

Young Duu’s Songs

Young Duu has already released a handful of songs, with “Egbemi” being his most recent track. His music journey is still unfolding, and his audience eagerly awaits what he will bring to the industry in the future.

Some of Young Duu’s songs include:

Sho Sho Sho” featuring Portable

“Kilowa” featuring Olamzzy


And more to come.


As of now, Young Duu has not clinched a Grammy Award, but his ambitions continue to drive him forward.

Young Duu’s Net Worth

Young Duu’s estimated net worth falls in the range of $1,000 to $3,000, though further verification is required to confirm this figure.


Young Duu is no stranger to controversy, especially regarding his interactions with his record label boss, Portable. The two are known for their entertaining and humorous exchanges on social media, often engaging in playful banter.

There have been instances where Portable claimed that Young Duu brought little value to the record label and accused him of using a car purchased under the label’s name for personal enjoyment, particularly when entertaining young ladies around Lagos.


As of 2023, Young Duu is 20 years old, with his birth year recorded as 2003.

Endorsement deal

Emerging Nigerian artist Young Duu is on the brink of inking a significant endorsement deal, and it’s none other than a lucrative contract with the prominent billionaire businessman known as Blord.

This collaboration is set to mark a pivotal moment in Young Duu’s career, propelling him into the spotlight and underlining his rising stature in the music industry.

The endorsement deal signifies not only a financial boost but also an invaluable stamp of approval from a respected figure in the business world. Young Duu’s talent and potential have clearly caught the eye of Blord, setting the stage for a promising partnership.

Conclusion on Young Duu Biography

Young Duu is poised to make his mark in the music industry, and his potential for future success is evident. While his journey may involve a fair share of playful mockery, Young Duu has a growing fan base and the determination to carve a path to stardom.

His unique style and commitment to creating engaging content set him apart in the industry, making him a promising talent in the Nigerian music scene. As he continues to evolve as an artist, we can only anticipate what the future holds for this young musical.

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