Monica Kimani Biography, Age, Husband, Cause of Death

In this exploration, we delve into the compelling narrative of Monica Kimani, a 28-year-old Kenyan businesswoman whose promising life was abruptly cut short. Her captivating journey and brutal murder became the focal point of a sensational trial involving a former news anchor and her fiancé. Let’s unravel the intricate details of Monica Kimani’s biography and the gripping events that led to her tragic end.

Early Life

Monica Kimani, born in 1990 in Thika, Kenya, was the second child in a family of four. Raised by Reverend Paul Ngarama, the founder of Rebuilding Apostolic Faith Mission church, Monica’s early years were steeped in religious values.


Monica pursued her education at Thika High School and later at the Technical University of Kenya, studying International Relations. Alongside academics, she harbored dreams of a career in diplomacy and showed keen interest in entrepreneurship.


In 2010, Monica ventured into the family business, relocating to South Sudan with her father. As the managing director of Millipaul General Trading Ltd, a cleaning company catering to high-profile clients, Monica exhibited both business acumen and a generous spirit. Her lavish lifestyle and passion for success were evident through properties in Nairobi and her involvement in international travel.

Personal Life

Monica’s engagement to Daniel Awet Akot, a Sudanese politician, added a new dimension to her life. However, controversies surrounding rumors of romantic involvement with Jowie added complexity to her relationships. The narrative shifted emotionally as Monica prepared for her wedding to Yasir Mohammed, a Sudanese businessman and politician.

Tragic End

Upon her return to Nairobi, Monica’s life took a chilling turn as a gathering at Lamuria Gardens ended in her brutal murder. Orchestrated by Joseph Irungu alias Joe Jowie, the fiancé of former news anchor Jacqueline Maribe, Monica’s death initiated a gripping police investigation and a high-profile trial.

Legal Proceedings

The trial unfolded over two years, with Irungu and Maribe eventually found guilty of Monica Kimani’s murder. Life imprisonment was the judge’s verdict, emphasizing the severity of the crime. Appeals were made but subsequently dismissed by the Court of Appeal, sealing their legal fate.

Legacy and Reflection

Monica Kimani’s net worth stood at $500,000 in 2023, reflecting her success in her brief yet impactful life. Her murder serves as a stark reminder of the shadows behind wealth and unveils the challenges women face in business, particularly in conflict-ridden regions. Monica’s legacy prompts discussions on ethical journalism, media’s role, and the dangers women encounter in their pursuit of success.


Monica Kimani’s biography is a narrative of triumph and tragedy, challenging societal norms and highlighting broader issues. Her legacy urges us to scrutinize media ethics and raises awareness of the dangers women face in business. Monica Kimani’s memory continues to prompt reflection on the complexities of human nature and the pursuit of justice.

FAQs about Monica Kimani

1. What led to Monica Kimani’s murder?

Monica fell victim to Joseph Irungu alias Joe Jowie, with alleged involvement from Jacqueline Maribe, her former TV news anchor fiancé.

2. Were there any appeals in the case?

Irungu and Maribe appealed the verdict, but the Court of Appeal upheld the High Court’s decision, confirming their guilt and life sentences.

3. What impact did Monica Kimani’s murder have on the public?

The case exposed the darker side of wealth and highlighted the challenges women face in business, especially in conflict-ridden regions.

4. How is Monica Kimani remembered today?

Monica Kimani’s legacy prompts discussions on ethical journalism, the role of the media, and the need for awareness about the dangers women face in business.

5. Is there a chance for Irungu and Maribe to be released?

Unless granted a highly unlikely presidential pardon, Irungu and Maribe have exhausted their legal options and will continue serving their life sentences.

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