Tonto Dikeh Takes Legal Action, drags Verydarkman To Police

Actress Tonto Dikeh has recently taken a bold step, dragging social media critic VeryDarkMan into the spotlight by involving the police.

This move comes in response to VeryDarkMan’s outspoken criticism of Tonto and fellow actress Iyabo Ojo regarding their roles in the unfolding narrative surrounding the late singer Mohbad.

VeryDarkMan, known for his sharp commentary on social issues, questioned the true intentions of Tonto and Iyabo Ojo in their pursuit of justice for Mohbad.

According to him, their involvement in the case might not be primarily driven by a sincere desire for justice but rather influenced by other factors.

The situation escalated when Tonto Dikeh decided to address the criticism head-on. In a social media post that quickly went viral, she shared an image of VeryDarkMan signing documents in the presence of police officers at a police station.

The caption accompanying the post was direct and pointed: “Let it begin. When a child thinks he’s grown enough to talk to elders.”

This move signifies a legal response to the criticism and adds a legal dimension to the ongoing discussions surrounding Mohbad’s tragic demise.

The controversy surrounding Mohbad’s death has been a hot topic, and the involvement of public figures such as Tonto Dikeh and Iyabo Ojo adds a layer of complexity.

The decision to take the matter to the police reflects a desire to address the criticism through legal means, making it a noteworthy development in the ongoing narrative.

As the story unfolds, it will be interesting to see how this legal action shapes public perception and discourse around the circumstances of Mohbad’s passing.

Former BB Naija House Mate Nengi Celebrates Birthday in Grand Style -See Photos!

The reality tv show member and former BB Naija house mate Nengi celebrates birthday in Grand Style in January 1st.

The reality TV star, who turned 25 years old, threw a lavish party that was attended by her friends, family, and fellow celebrities.

Nengi looked stunning in a red dress designed,  while keping her makeup simple and elegant, and her hair was styled in a sleek bun.

Former BB Naija House Mate Nengi Celebrates Birthday in Grand Style

The photos from Nengi’s birthday party have been going viral on social media. Fans are loving her glamorous look and the luxurious setting of the party.

Many people are also commenting on how much fun Nengi seems to be having.

Here are some of the comments from fans:

Nengi is looking like a queen on her birthday!”

“I’m so happy for Nengi. She deserves to have a great birthday.”

“This party looks amazing! I wish I was there.”

“Nengi is living her best life! I’m so jealous.”

It looks like Nengi had a birthday to remember. We wish her all the best in the year ahead!

Nengi also shared photos from her birthday party on Instagram. In the caption, she wrote:

“I had the most amazing birthday ever! Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate with me. I’m so grateful for all the love and support. Here’s to another year of life, love, and laughter!”

Bbnaija Nengi images and photos

Nengi’s Instagram post has received over 87k likes and 2k comments. Fans are loving the photos and sending her birthday wishes.

Overall, Nengi celebrates birthday in Grand Style, her day was glamorous and fun-filled event. It’s clear that she is loved by her fans and her fellow celebrities. We wish her all the best in the year ahead!

Indian Actor and Politician Vijayakanth Cause Of Death

The actor but now politician Vijayakanth cause Of Death, came as a shock this afteenoon, after dying in his hometown.

known as Narayanan Vijayaraj Alagarswami, by his real name passed away in Chennai at the age of 71 due to an health infections

He was renowned for his impactful roles, earning the moniker “Captain” following his memorable portrayal in “Captain Prabhakaran” (1991).

Debuting in 1979 with “Inikkum Ilamai” in a villainous role, he swiftly transitioned to lead roles, notably in films like “Agal Vilakku” and “Sattam Oru Iruttarai.” His career spanned 154 films, marked by patriotic characters and notable performances in films like “Amman Kovil Kizhakale,” “Pulan Visaranai,” and “Sethupathi IPS.”

Beyond his cinematic journey, Vijayakanth ventured into politics, establishing the Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam (DMDK) party in 2005. His political foray gained prominence, securing a substantial vote share and making him the leader of the opposition in Tamil Nadu during the 2011 elections.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi paid tribute, highlighting Vijayakanth’s charisma both in cinema and public service. His demise leaves a significant void in Tamil Nadu’s cultural and political realm.

Vijayakanth cause Of death arise due to complications from pneumonia and a recent COVID-19 positive diagnosis. His unfolding health  of  has sent shockwaves among his devoted fans and supporters.

His recent battle against COVID-19 has taken a severe turn, compelling medical intervention as he grapples with breathing complications, necessitating the use of a ventilator.

This startling update comes in the wake of Vijayakanth’s earlier hospitalizations in November and December, where he had shown signs of recovery and was subsequently discharged to continue his recuperation at home.

However, the sudden downturn in his health condition has once again plunged his well-wishers into deep concern and apprehension.

Amidst this distressing phase, DMDK has issued a heartfelt plea for privacy, urging the public to respect the family’s need for solitude during these trying times. The party also implored Vijayakanth’s admirers to channel their positive energy and fervent prayers for his swift recovery.

Indian Actor and Politician Vijayakanth Cause Of Death
Vijayakanth dead

Vijayakanth’s significance extends beyond his illustrious cinematic career; his political journey has resonated deeply with the people of Tamil Nadu.

As a charismatic leader and beloved figure, his health battle has not only stirred emotional distress but has also triggered an outpouring of support and well wishes from across the nation.

The uncertain health status of Vijayakanth has left a palpable sense of concern, as many fervently hope and pray for his resilience and rapid improvement.

His unwavering spirit, both in the political arena and on the silver screen, has garnered him immense respect and admiration, making his current struggle against this relentless virus a poignant and distressing moment for his devoted followers and well-wishers.

In this sad hour, Vijayakanth’s legacy as an influential artist and committed public servant is remembered fondly by his family, fans, and countless admirers

Shah Rukh Khan Set to Ignite Dhoom 4 With His Debut

Hold onto your hats, Dhoomheads! The iconic action-thriller franchise is revving up for a high-octane comeback, and this time, it’s not just about bikes and daring heists, as Shah Rukh Khan set to ignite dhoom 4 with his debut.

The Bollywood royalty Shah Rukh Khan is rumored to be throwing his weight behind the wheel, potentially making his electrifying debut in Dhoom 4.

Buckle up, because this news has sent shockwaves through the industry, promising an adrenaline-pumping ride like never before.

While whispers of Shah Rukh Khan’s involvement have been swirling for a while, recent speculations have ignited the flames of anticipation. The buzz suggests an official announcement could be just a month or two away, sending fans into a frenzy of excitement.

Imagine the King of Romance gracing the silver screen in a sleek leather jacket, outsmarting cunning cops and executing gravity-defying stunts with his signature charm. It’s a match made in cinematic heaven, and the potential for fireworks is undeniable.

Dhoom, with its high-octane action sequences, captivating storylines, and unforgettable music, has carved a special place in the hearts of moviegoers.

From John Abraham’s suave Kabir to Hrithik Roshan’s charismatic Jai, each installment has delivered a unique blend of thrills and style. Now, with Shah Rukh Khan’s rumored entry, Dhoom 4 promises to take things to a whole new level.

Think about it: Shah Rukh Khan set to ignite dhoom 4 with his debut, known for his unparalleled charisma and boundless energy, is the perfect foil for the suave, enigmatic world of Dhoom.

His ability to seamlessly switch between action hero and charming rogue makes him a casting coup beyond compare.

Shah Rukh Khan Set to Ignite Dhoom 4 with His Debut
Shah Rukh Khan beside dhoom 4 poster

Just imagine him cracking wise with a twinkle in his eye, one moment disarming a security system with his wit, the next pulling off a death-defying stunt on a motorcycle. It’s a recipe for box-office gold, a cinematic spectacle waiting to unfold.

Of course, the rumors also hint at a potential 2026 release date, giving fans ample time to speculate, dissect, and fuel the hype machine. The wait might be long, but the anticipation will be electrifying.

Every casting rumor, every leaked set photo, every cryptic social media post will be scrutinized and debated, keeping the Dhoom 4 fire burning brightly.

Whether or not Shah Rukh Khan officially joins the Dhoom 4 cast remains to be seen, but the mere possibility has sent Bollywood into a tizzy. It’s a testament to the enduring power of the franchise and the undeniable magnetism of King Khan.

So, mark your calendars, Dhoomheads, because if the rumors are true, we’re in for a wild ride. Get ready to witness the biggest heist of the year – Shah Rukh Khan stealing the show in Dhoom 4.

Regina Daniel Having Quality Time With Her Kids And Step Kids

The Nollywood actress Regina Daniel having quality time with her kids and step kids, married to billionaire Ned Nwoko

Together, they have two children, Munir and Khalifa. Regina also has a close relationship with Ned’s other children from his previous marriages.

In a recent Instagram post, Regina shared a heartwarming photo of herself with her kids and stepkids. The photo showed the group laughing and playing together, and it was clear that they were having a great time.

“My best time is always spent with these little ones,” Regina captioned the photo. “They bring so much joy into my life.”

Fans of Regina loved the photo, and many commented on how happy she looked.

Regina Daniel having quality time with her kids and step kids
Regina Daniel having quality time with her kids and step kids

You’re such a great mom, Regina,” one fan wrote. “Your kids are so lucky to have you.”

Another fan wrote, “This is such a beautiful photo. It’s so nice to see you all having so much fun together.”

Regina Daniel spending her best time with kids and step kids clear show that she is a loving and devoted mother to her children, both biological and stepchildren.

She often shares photos of her family on social media, and it’s always heartwarming to see how happy they are together.

Fun fact about Regina Daniel

Regina Daniel is a role model for many young women in Nigeria. She is successful in her career, but she also makes time for her family.

Regina’s Instagram post has been liked by over a million people. It’s clear that she is very popular with her fans.

Regina’s stepkids are from Ned Nwoko’s previous marriages. Some people have criticized Regina for marrying a man who is so much older than her, but she has always said that she is happy in her marriage

Actress Cha Cha Eke Welcomes Her Fifth Child A Day to Xmas

According to reports circulating on Facebook, there’s exciting news in the world of Nollywood as it’s being mentioned that the esteemed actress Cha Cha Eke welcomes her fifth child today, on the 24th of December, 2023.

The internet is abuzz with excitement and congratulations as fans and followers extend their warm wishes to the actress and her growing family.

This delightful news serves as a testament to the joyous moments life brings, particularly during the festive season.

Cha Cha Eke, known for her stellar performances on screen, has garnered immense admiration and respect in the Nigerian film industry and beyond.

The prospect of expanding her family further adds a beautiful chapter to her personal journey, marking a poignant milestone for both her career and her life as a mother.

Actress Cha Cha Eke Welcomes Her Fifth Child
Actress Cha Cha Eke Welcomes Her Fifth Child

The outpouring of congratulations flooding social media platforms is a testament to the widespread affection and admiration for the actress.

Fans, friends, and industry peers are sharing their heartfelt messages, expressing their happiness and offering blessings for the well-being of the newborn and the entire family.

As Cha Cha Eke welcomes her fifth child news spreads, it undoubtedly ignites a sense of joy not only among Cha Cha Eke’s devoted admirers but also within the broader entertainment community.

This momentous occasion is a reminder of the beauty of life’s blessings, emphasizing the significance of family and celebration during this festive period.

Congratulations and warmest wishes continue to flow towards Cha Cha Eke and her family, marking this day as a moment of immense happiness and love.

Benny Blanco Girlfriend: Bio, Songs And Net Worth – Is He Dating Selena Gomez? 

Discover who Benny Blanco girlfriend is? and the blossoming romance between Benny Blanco and Gomez. As their professional collaboration sparks a newfound love, thus msking headline.

Their heartfelt expressions, defend their relationship amidst public scrutiny. Follow their journey, a tale of love evolving amidst the complexities of fame.”

Overview of Benny Blanco biography

Benny Blanco, born as Benjamin Joseph Levin in the vibrant town of Reston, Virginia, is a musical maestro whose name resonates across the global music industry.

At the age of 35, Blanco has cemented his place as an iconic record producer, songwriter, and musician, showcasing an extraordinary talent that has captivated audiences worldwide.

From his humble beginnings in Virginia, Blanco’s love affair with music began at a young age. He found solace and excitement in experimenting with sounds, beats, and melodies right in the comfort of his bedroom.

Little did he know that these early creative pursuits would eventually blossom into an illustrious career that would redefine modern music.

Blanco’s ascent in the industry was meteoric, thanks to his unparalleled skills and captivating melodies. His breakthrough came through collaborations with some of the biggest names in music.

His talent as a songwriter and producer quickly caught the attention of industry giants, setting him on a trajectory to superstardom.


Throughout his illustrious career, Blanco has been the driving force behind an array of chart-topping hits spanning diverse musical genres.

Benny Blanco Bio, Songs And Net Worth 
Benny Blanco Bio, Songs And Net Worth

His discography reads like a collection of modern-day classics, with each song bearing the hallmark of Blanco’s signature creativity and ingenuity.

Songs & collaboration

Among his notable works are collaborations such as “Eastside,” a melodious track featuring Halsey and Khalid, “I Can’t Get Enough,” a rhythmic collaboration with Selena Gomez, J Balvin, and Tainy, and the emotionally resonant “Lonely” alongside Justin Bieber.

These songs not only showcase Blanco’s musical versatility but also underline his ability to craft melodies that resonate deeply with audiences worldwide.

Beyond his success in producing and songwriting, Blanco has made significant strides in the business aspect of music. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to co-found labels and music publishing companies, expanding his influence and impact within the industry.

Despite the glitz and glamour often associated with the music industry, Benny Blanco remains a down-to-earth and passionate individual.


Benny Blanco, the musical virtuoso, currently stands at the age of 35, having been born on March 8, 1988, in Reston, Virginia

Benny Blanco girlfriend

Selena Gomez, the multi-talented actress known for her roles in “Only Murders in the Building” and her successful music career, has officially confirmed her romantic involvement with renowned record producer Benny Blanco.

The confirmation came in response to an Instagram fan account’s post displaying an affectionate image of the couple, triggering Gomez to express her feelings for Blanco through a series of comments.

In one comment pinned to the post, Gomez declared, “He is my absolute everything in my heart,” while another simple yet profound statement simply said, “LOVE.”


The connection between Gomez and Blanco extends beyond their personal relationship. They recently collaborated on Gomez’s latest hit, “Single Soon,” demonstrating their professional synergy.

This collaboration follows their previous successful joint efforts, including the 2019 track “I Can’t Get Enough,” accompanied by a music video featuring Blanco in a memorable teddy bear costume.

Moreover, Gomez’s Instagram post showcasing Blanco’s presence at her birthday celebrations in July further fueled speculation about their relationship.

Benny Blanco Girlfriend - Is He Dating Selena Gomez?  
Benny Blanco Girlfriend – Is He Dating Selena Gomez? 

However, not everyone greeted the news with enthusiasm. In response to a critical comment from a fan, Gomez fiercely defended her happiness with Blanco, asserting, “I will never allow your words to guide my life. If you can’t accept me at my happiest then don’t be in (m)y life at all.”

There were also references to past speculations regarding Blanco’s alleged comments about Gomez in a 2020 interview discussing his collaboration with Justin Bieber, Gomez’s ex-boyfriend.

Despite this, Gomez seemed unfazed, dismissing any negative insinuations with statements like, “he’s still better than anyone I’ve ever been with,” and, “why has he been the best thing that’s ever happened to me. The end.”

The confirmation of Benny Blanco girlfriend and their relationship has sparked interest and discussion among fans and the public alike, shedding light on the personal life of the beloved artist. With her career flourishing and her love life making headlines, Gomez continues to capture attention and admiration across various spheres of entertainment.


The versatile American rap artist, songwriter, and producer, has accumulated an impressive net worth of $50 million.

His multifaceted career and remarkable contributions to the music industry have solidified his financial success, marking him as a prominent figure in the realm of music.


Selena Gomez’s relationship with Benny Blanco has added a new romantic dimension to her life, sparking curiosity and interest among fans and the public.

Their confirmation of being together came through Gomez’s heartfelt expressions on social media, where she openly shared her affection and admiration for Blanco.

Their connection seems to have blossomed while collaborating professionally on music projects like “Single Soon.” Working side by side has evidently deepened their bond, extending their relationship beyond just creative collaboration.

However, like many celebrity relationships, theirs hasn’t been immune to external pressures and criticism. Gomez has bravely defended their relationship against negativity, asserting her right to find happiness irrespective of public opinion.

While they’ve shared glimpses of their journey together on social media and public outings, Gomez and Blanco largely keep their relationship away from the constant spotlight, maintaining a level of privacy.

Gomez’s candidness about her feelings for Blanco reflects a strong and genuine connection between the two. She has made it clear that she won’t let outside judgment affect her happiness and choice in love.

Skepta and Portable Unite at British Fashion Awards

The British Fashion Awards in London witnessed an exciting fusion of talent as the spotlight shone on the collaboration between the magnetic Nigerian singer, Habeeb Okikiola, popularly known as Portable, and the renowned British-Nigerian rapper, Joseph Adenuga Jnr, known as Skepta and Portable unite at British fashion awards

Portable, a figure known for his music and often regarded as a controversial yet vibrant artist from Nigeria, showcased his burgeoning international presence by rubbing shoulders with Skepta and his entourage at the prestigious event.

A viral video circulating online captured the moment as Portable accompanied Skepta on the red carpet, exuding style and confidence in a distinctive two-piece jacket coupled with matching sneakers.

Amidst the glitz and glamour, Portable made waves on social media by sharing a video on his Instagram page. It depicted Skepta grooving to Portable’s track while en route to the event, visibly impressed as he joined in singing along at certain intervals.

Another clip surfaced featuring Portable mingling with Skepta and his crew, presumably captured before their grand entrance into the award ceremony.

Seizing the moment, Portable also took the opportunity to capture snapshots at the venue, leaving an indelible mark with a caption that proudly proclaimed his presence: “IKA OF AFRICA live in London Fashion Awards 2023. @skepta @portablebaeby BigGod go do am again.”

Portable, widely recognized for his hit song “Zazu” among other musical ventures, has been carving a distinct niche within the African music industry with his energetic performances and unique style.

Skepta and Portable Unite at British Fashion Awards
Skepta and Portable Unite at British Fashion Awards

His collaboration and interaction with Skepta at the British Fashion Awards signify a significant milestone in his burgeoning career, further cementing his position on the global entertainment stage.

This international rendezvous ‘Skepta and Portable unite at British fashion Awards’, only highlights Portable’s rising prominence but also underscores the growing appreciation for African musical talent on the global platform, fostering a cross-cultural exchange of creativity and innovation in the world of entertainment

BbNaija Pere Romance with Mercy Eke, Just Great Friendship!

Breaking the silence amidst swirling rumors, former BBNaija housemate Pere romance with Mercy Eke shedding more light, by recently dropped a heartfelt message to address the ongoing speculations about his alleged romantic involvement with colleague Mercy Eke.

Taking to his social media handles, the actor poured out his heart in the most candid and friendly manner possible.

In a tweet that radiated both appreciation and clarity, Pere lovingly addressed the passionate fans who’ve been showering him with affectionate gestures, particularly those involving Mercy’s name.

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Sticky Vicky Biography, Age, Children, Husband, Ethnicity, Net Worth and Death Cause

With a warm tone, he started off by expressing gratitude for the unwavering support from day one. “Hey shippers, your love means the world to me, and I can’t thank you enough for your continuous care and enthusiasm.”

However, Pere quickly transitioned to the crux of the matter, wanting to ensure everyone’s on the same page. “Now, I think it’s time for a bit of clarity. Let’s put the record straight: I want to assure you all that I’m not romantically involved with Mercy Eke.

” He continued, emphasizing his point with a touch of gentle sincerity, “So, folks, please, no more flowers mentioning her name. I’m not dating her.”

With his words carefully chosen, Pere aimed to gently dissuade any misinterpretation or assumption while preserving the genuine affection between himself and Mercy.

He emphasized the importance of keeping things clear-cut while maintaining the pure friendship they share.

BbNaija Pere Romance with Mercy Eke, Just Great Friendship!
BbNaija Pere Romance with Mercy Eke

The actor’s message didn’t just seek to correct the narrative but also to reaffirm his admiration for the support received and his commitment to honesty with his fans.

“Your unwavering support has meant the world to me, and I hope you understand and continue to show your love in your incredible ways. I can’t thank you enough for that.”

In closing, Pere romance with Mercy Eke is not true, his message resonated with warmth and gratitude, aiming for a collective understanding and urging everyone to continue being the amazing support system they’ve always been.


Lagos Belongs To White Man – Seun Kuti

In a candid and thought-provoking Instagram live session, Seun Kuti, the acclaimed Nigerian singer and son of the legendary Fela Kuti, opened up that Lagos belongs to white man, emphasizing a viewpoint that stirred conversations far and wide.

Addressing a hot topic about the ownership of Lagos, Kuti boldly stated, “Lagos is white man’s land.” His passionate assertion challenged the prevailing narrative of ethnic groups staking claims to the city, highlighting a different perspective – one that zeroes in on the significant influence wielded by non-natives in the bustling Nigerian metropolis.

Drawing attention to the city’s real estate dynamics, Kuti illuminated the prevalence of foreign ownership, using examples like the iconic Eko Hotel and the ambitious Eko Atlantic as tangible symbols of this reality.

He underscored the pivotal role played by these entities, alluding to their ownership being predominantly in the hands of individuals outside indigenous communities.

The singer provocatively posed questions about that Lagos belongs to white man  due to the ownership in Nigeria’s economic hub.

Lagos Belongs To White Man - Seun Kuti
Seun Kuti

He didn’t limit the discussion to Lagos alone, extending his scrutiny to the broader national context, particularly spotlighting the control exerted by non-indigenous forces in critical sectors such as the oil industry.

Kuti’s words reverberated across social platforms, sparking a multifaceted conversation. His candid remarks invited a deeper examination of Lagos’ complex identity and the nuanced layers of influence embedded within its economic fabric.

As his views echoed among Nigerians, it prompted a reevaluation of narratives surrounding the ownership and economic dynamics of Lagos, stirring contemplation and perhaps even fostering a redefinition of the city’s perceived ownership.