Skepta and Portable Unite at British Fashion Awards

The British Fashion Awards in London witnessed an exciting fusion of talent as the spotlight shone on the collaboration between the magnetic Nigerian singer, Habeeb Okikiola, popularly known as Portable, and the renowned British-Nigerian rapper, Joseph Adenuga Jnr, known as Skepta and Portable unite at British fashion awards

Portable, a figure known for his music and often regarded as a controversial yet vibrant artist from Nigeria, showcased his burgeoning international presence by rubbing shoulders with Skepta and his entourage at the prestigious event.

A viral video circulating online captured the moment as Portable accompanied Skepta on the red carpet, exuding style and confidence in a distinctive two-piece jacket coupled with matching sneakers.

Amidst the glitz and glamour, Portable made waves on social media by sharing a video on his Instagram page. It depicted Skepta grooving to Portable’s track while en route to the event, visibly impressed as he joined in singing along at certain intervals.

Another clip surfaced featuring Portable mingling with Skepta and his crew, presumably captured before their grand entrance into the award ceremony.

Seizing the moment, Portable also took the opportunity to capture snapshots at the venue, leaving an indelible mark with a caption that proudly proclaimed his presence: “IKA OF AFRICA live in London Fashion Awards 2023. @skepta @portablebaeby BigGod go do am again.”

Portable, widely recognized for his hit song “Zazu” among other musical ventures, has been carving a distinct niche within the African music industry with his energetic performances and unique style.

Skepta and Portable Unite at British Fashion Awards
Skepta and Portable Unite at British Fashion Awards

His collaboration and interaction with Skepta at the British Fashion Awards signify a significant milestone in his burgeoning career, further cementing his position on the global entertainment stage.

This international rendezvous ‘Skepta and Portable unite at British fashion Awards’, only highlights Portable’s rising prominence but also underscores the growing appreciation for African musical talent on the global platform, fostering a cross-cultural exchange of creativity and innovation in the world of entertainment

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