Chandra Mohan cause Of Death: Details Revealed

All on Chandra Mohan cause of death, an iconic telugu actor whose versatile roles in legendary films left an indelible mark. His sudden demise saddens the industry. Tributes pour in from megastars like Chiranjeevi and Jr NTR, reminiscing about his

A celebrated figure in the Telugu film industry,  Chandra Mohan cause of death was due to health complications. Born as Mallampalli Chandrasekhar Rao on May 23, 1943, in the serene village of Pamidimukkala, in Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh, his journey in the world of cinema was remarkable.

Chandra Mohan cause of death
Chandra Mohan cause of death

A cousin of the esteemed director and Dada Sahab Phalke awardee, K Vishwanath, Chandra Mohan left an indelible mark with his contributions. His cinematic journey began in 1966 with the movie “Rangula Ratnam,” where his exceptional talent earned him the prestigious Nandi Award for Best Actor, a testament to his promising start.

His repertoire expanded over the years, showcasing his versatility in various roles. Notably, his portrayal as the compassionate brother of Vanisri in “Sukha Duhkalu” in 1968 earned him accolades and further recognition. His involvement in films like:

Padaharella Vayasu,”

“Siri Siri Muvva,”


“Radha Kalyanam,”


and “Chandamama Raave” solidified his presence in the industry.

Chandra Mohan’s illustrious career spanned 932 films, where he prominently starred in 150 movies, leaving an unforgettable impact on Telugu cinema. His talent was acknowledged with multiple honors, including two Filmfare awards and numerous accolades from the state government for his outstanding performances as both a lead actor and character artist.

Chandra Mohan cause of death

It’s heartbreaking news that the esteemed Telugu actor  has passed away. Chandra Mohan cause of death arise due to a cardiac arrest at Apollo Hospital in Hyderabad. He was undergoing heart-related treatments and left behind his wife and two daughters.

The industry mourns the loss of this legendary figure. Megastar Chiranjeevi shared a touching tribute, recalling their bond and the impact Chandra Mohan made in Telugu cinema, highlighting his versatile roles in iconic films.

Jr NTR expressed sorrow at the untimely loss and acknowledged Chandra Mohan’s remarkable contributions to the industry. Others, like Sai Tej Dharam, remembered him for the joy his performances brought and wished for his peaceful rest.

Director Sampath Nandi cherished the enriching experience of working with Chandra Mohan and acknowledged his significant contribution to cinema. Actor Aadi Saikumar also expressed deep sadness and extended heartfelt thoughts to Chandra Mohan’s family during this challenging time.

Chandra Mohan’s departure is not just a loss to the film fraternity, but a moment of reflection and remembrance for the immense contributions he made to the rich tapestry of Telugu cinema. His legacy will forever be cherished by fans, peers, and the industry he passionately contributed to for decades.

Faq on Chandra mohan

Who was Chandra Mohan?

Chandra Mohan, born Mallampalli Chandrasekhar Rao on May 23, 1943, was a revered figure in the Telugu film industry, known for his diverse roles and impactful performances.

What were some of Chandra Mohan’s notable movies?

He starred in several iconic films, including ‘Sirisirimuvva’,



‘Nakoo Pellam Khali’,



‘Padaharella Vayasu’,

‘Siri Siri Muvva’,

and ‘Chandamama Raave‘.

How many films did Chandra Mohan act in?

Over his career, Chandra Mohan graced the screen in more than 932 films, prominently featuring as the lead in 150 of them.

What awards did Chandra Mohan receive?

Recognizing his outstanding talent, he secured 2 Nandi Awards and one Filmfare Award South for his exceptional performances.

When did Chandra Mohan pass away?

Chandra Mohan passed away on November 11, 2023, at the age of 80 due to a sudden cardiac arrest at Hyderabad’s Apollo Hospital.

How did the industry react to his passing?

  Industry stalwarts like Chiranjeevi, Jr NTR, and others expressed deep sorrow at the loss, acknowledging his invaluable contributions to Telugu cinema and extending heartfelt condolences to his family.

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