Regina Daniel Having Quality Time With Her Kids And Step Kids

The Nollywood actress Regina Daniel having quality time with her kids and step kids, married to billionaire Ned Nwoko

Together, they have two children, Munir and Khalifa. Regina also has a close relationship with Ned’s other children from his previous marriages.

In a recent Instagram post, Regina shared a heartwarming photo of herself with her kids and stepkids. The photo showed the group laughing and playing together, and it was clear that they were having a great time.

“My best time is always spent with these little ones,” Regina captioned the photo. “They bring so much joy into my life.”

Fans of Regina loved the photo, and many commented on how happy she looked.

Regina Daniel having quality time with her kids and step kids
Regina Daniel having quality time with her kids and step kids

You’re such a great mom, Regina,” one fan wrote. “Your kids are so lucky to have you.”

Another fan wrote, “This is such a beautiful photo. It’s so nice to see you all having so much fun together.”

Regina Daniel spending her best time with kids and step kids clear show that she is a loving and devoted mother to her children, both biological and stepchildren.

She often shares photos of her family on social media, and it’s always heartwarming to see how happy they are together.

Fun fact about Regina Daniel

Regina Daniel is a role model for many young women in Nigeria. She is successful in her career, but she also makes time for her family.

Regina’s Instagram post has been liked by over a million people. It’s clear that she is very popular with her fans.

Regina’s stepkids are from Ned Nwoko’s previous marriages. Some people have criticized Regina for marrying a man who is so much older than her, but she has always said that she is happy in her marriage

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