Liema Big Brother Mzansi Biography, Age, Real Name, Career, Photos, Net Worth, Boyfriend & More

Liema, also known as Liyema Phantsi, is making waves as a student, bartender, and podcaster from Eastern Cape, gracing the screens as one of the housemates in the fourth season of Big Brother Mzansi (BBMzansi). With her vibrant personality and flair for entertainment, Liema has captivated viewers. Let’s explore her journey and aspirations.

Early Life and Education

Born on January 25, 2002, in Qonce, Eastern Cape, Liema was raised in a supportive Christian family. Her upbringing instilled in her a passion for entertainment, prompting her to pursue various courses and workshops to enhance her skills. She studied acting at esteemed institutions like the EbonyLife Creative Academy, the Royal Arts Academy, and the African International Film Festival Acting Masterclass, laying the foundation for her career in the entertainment industry.

Career and Journey into Big Brother Mzansi

Before gracing the Big Brother house, Liema honed her skills in acting, event hosting, and modeling. With experience in podcasting and mixology, she entered BBMzansi with a desire to break free from routine, have fun, and advance her career in entertainment. Described as flirtatious, rebellious, and mischievous, Liema embraces her authenticity and openness to love, making her a captivating presence in the house.

Personal Life and Relationship With Jareed

While Liema has not publicly disclosed her relationship status, her bond with fellow housemate Jareed has sparked intrigue. Despite facing challenges and drama in the house, including accusations of flirtatious behavior and confrontations with other housemates, Liema’s connection with Jareed has grown stronger. Their budding romance has garnered attention from viewers, who eagerly anticipate the evolution of their relationship throughout the season.

Net Worth

As of 2024, Liema’s net worth is estimated to be $25,000. Her journey from a small town in Eastern Cape to the spotlight of Big Brother Mzansi reflects her determination and resilience in pursuing her dreams.


Liema’s presence in the Big Brother house epitomizes her spirited nature and passion for entertainment. As she navigates the challenges and dynamics of reality TV, she remains committed to embracing opportunities and creating memorable experiences.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. How old is Liema?
    • Liema, born on January 25, 2002, is currently 22 years old.
  2. What is Liema’s career outside of Big Brother Mzansi?
    • Liema is a student, bartender, and podcaster, with a passion for entertainment and flair for hosting.
  3. Is Liema in a relationship?
    • Liema’s relationship status remains undisclosed, but her bond with fellow housemate Jareed has sparked speculation among viewers.
  4. What is Liema’s net worth?
    • Liema’s net worth is estimated to be $25,000 as of 2024.
  5. How has Liema been received by viewers of Big Brother Mzansi?
    • Liema’s vibrant personality and budding romance with Jareed have garnered attention and intrigue from viewers, making her a standout contestant on the show.

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