PDP candidates, Dino Melaye Promises New Lokoja In 4 Years

In a pivotal moment during the grand finale campaign rally of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Lokoja, Sen. Dino Melaye, the determined candidate for the upcoming Kogi governorship poll, emphatically laid out his visionary promise. ‘Dino Melaye Promises New Lokoja in 4 Years, resonating with a commitment to usher in a new era for the state capital.

Amidst the fervor of the rally, Melaye passionately conveyed his dedication to transforming the landscape of Lokoja. ‘In 4 years, we are going to build the new Lokoja,’ he declared, drawing inspiration from established cities like York, Zealand, and Delhi, alluding to their transformative evolution over time.

PDP candidates, Dino Melaye Promises New Lokoja In 4 Years 
PDP candidates, Dino Melaye Promises New Lokoja In 4 Years

With a fervent vision, Melaye expressed a resolute plan for Kogi, a state abundant in untapped mineral resources, and pledged to exploit and develop these assets to enhance the state’s growth.

His resounding vow, ‘Dino Melaye Promises a beautiful  Lokoja in 4 Years,’ underscored his unwavering commitment to revolutionize the region.

Highlighting his extensive experience and education, Melaye rallied the voters, emphasizing his candidacy as the most qualified to lead Kogi into a prosperous future. Former Vice-President Atiku echoed these sentiments, urging the people of Kogi to support Melaye in the upcoming election.

The resounding call to action, ‘Dino Melaye Promising new Lokoja in 4 Years,’ reverberated as a beacon of hope for the transformation of Kogi state from its current challenges

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