Even If It’s #1 million Naira Per Day, Once You’ re Insulted, Leave The Job – Nigeria Man 

A Nigerian man has just clarify a shocking but truth talk about most people who are working in a firm, that even if It’s 1 million naira per day job, once you’ re Insulted, quit it.

According to the x user, Noorie, he said quiting one’s job just because we get insulted is better, no matter how huge the amount of salary you are receiving.

A lot of people would react negatively to this and would oppose this word of advice. As we all know, loosing ones job now, is like taking one’s life. Things are hard and such a salary can help one establish him or herself.

Let be guided, the truth is that one should not forget one’s pride, all in the name that you are earning a good salary.

Some bosses may be mean and rude, most especially to women, cause they are significantly more prone to being insulted or molested than men.

Some manager may wish to go one a date with their female staff thus threatening them, making them feel that their job is at risk if they fail to oblige their request.

According to this Nigerian man, there is nothing bad in leaving one’s job if he or she feels that the insults is unbearable. You are only working in their firm, showcasing your skills and you probably not selling your body.

Working under a firm or company doesn’t give anyone the right to molest or treat you without an iota of respect. Everyone deserved equal right, which includes freedom from abuse and molestation.

That is one of the reasons why most married men prefer their wife to be a full house wive. Most of the bosses in the companies often had an ulterior motive towards their female staff.

Consequently, those who are afraid of loosing their jobs would fall victim into the hands of the pleasure seeking bosses, they even care less whether their staffs are married or not.

So as for the man saying one should quit a job if he or she get insulted is right. Once there is life, once should not lose hope that he or she would not get a good job elsewhere, and get paid more than the current salary you are receiving.

A lot of people won’t want to do these in the fear that they might not get another job that would earn you as much as 1 million naira per day, for quite a long time if they quit the current one just because someone hurt their ego.

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Even If It's #1 million Naira Per Day, Once You' re Insulted, Leave The Job - Nigeria Man 
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But it is better to save your pride than to get it molested in the hope of keeping your job. Remember no one has the right to abuse other just because they are in a higher position than them.

You too should not feel inferior just because you assume they are richer, influential or more powerful than you in the society. You can still become a greater person than those people you assume are in a higher position than you.

Don’t let anyone tramble over you simply because you are working under them.

Good luck.

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