I Eat Snakes – Nigerian Man Shows Meat He Enjoys

A Nigerian man has just set the online ablaze with a photos of the food he assumed he enjoyed. According to a post on Ankara and aso ebi style Facebook page, a man seems to be enjoying his delicacy of a rattle snake, by saying ‘I eat snake’.

The pictures show a very large brown snake commonly known as rattle snake in Nigeria. The snake was big and it seems the man caught it in the Bush while working.

According to the post, it seems this is not the first time of the man eating this kind of delicacy.Cooking snake in Nigeria

Cooking snake in NigeriaNormally, a lot of people fear rattle snake and some may assume it is poisonous, but it seems this Nigerian man is determined and doesn’t seems to be concern whether the snake is poisonous or not, because some snakes are dangerous when consumed.

But, I think the man knows what he is doing, this is not the first time of him eating the snake and for someone to kill such a big snake, he must have been fortified.

So, people are scared according to the comment section. Someone Facebook users even commented

God Forbid, I will die if my mouth taste this”.

This means that some people are allergic to eating snakes, or let say he despise or probably put it in a better way, let say he is afraid of the outcome I’d he consume the snake.

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I Eat Snakes - Nigerian Man Shows Meat He Enjoys
Man cooking snake

But some people in Nigeria are really dauntless, they don’t seem to fear anything, such is the case of this man in the photos, though his name and face has been kept as anonymous, by I think he should be extremely careful of what he eats in his stomach.

Let assumes Nigeria is worst, but no one wishes to die. Even though the cost of meat has been escalated, one should be cautious of what he eats, as the saying goes “health is wealth”, as the man said I eat snakes.

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