Mudassar Khan Biography: Age, Height, Wife, Marriage And Net Worth

Mudassar Khan biography as a renowned Indian dancer and choreographer, has left an indelible mark in the world of Bollywood.

Born on October 20, 1987, in Mumbai, India, Mudassar exhibited an early inclination towards dance, igniting his passion for the art form from a young age.

Mudassar Journey

His journey into the realm of dance was marked by exceptional talent and dedication. Mudassar’s prowess on the dance floor earned him numerous accolades and recognition.

Among his notable achievements is the Zee Cine Award for Best Choreography in 2017, a testament to his ability to transform emotions into captivating dance routines.

In the sphere of Bollywood, Mudassar Khan’s choreography has graced several iconic films. Beyond this contributions to Bollywood, Mudassar Khan has also made a significant impact as a judge on the popular dance reality television show, “Dance India Dance.”

His role as a judge showcased his discerning eye and constructive criticism, inspiring aspiring dancers and adding to his reputation as one of the industry’s finest choreographers.

His journey stands as a testament to his multifaceted talent, not just as a choreographer but also as a mentor and influencer in the world of dance.

Mudassar Khan continues to inspire countless individuals, illustrating that dedication, passion, and unwavering commitment are integral to achieving success in the world of dance and entertainment.

Mudassar’s Family

Mudassar Khan’s life isn’t just about the dazzling lights of Bollywood; it’s also about the warmth and love of family. While he fiercely guards his privacy, there are occasional glimpses into his personal world that reveal a man deeply connected to his roots.

His family, though largely out of the spotlight, forms the bedrock of his support system. His parents, pillars of unwavering love and encouragement, have been instrumental in shaping the artist he is today.

Mudassar Khan Biography: Age, Height, Wife, Marriage And Net Worth
Mudassar Khan

Mudassar often expresses heartfelt gratitude for their sacrifices and unwavering faith in his dreams.

Unfortunately, finding images of Mudassar’s family is challenging due to their preference for privacy.

However, the love and respect he speaks of them with paints a vivid picture in our minds. He’s not just a dancing dynamo; he’s a son, a husband, and a man who cherishes the quiet moments as much as the roaring applause.


Mudassar Khan’s age was approximately 35 years old. He was born on October 20, 1987.


In terms of height, Mudassar Khan stands approximately 5 feet 7 inches (170 centimeters) tall. Again, this information might not reflect any changes that might have occurred after January 2022.

Mudassar Khan showcased his choreography talent include:


“ABCD 2” – This dance-oriented film featured Mudassar’s choreography in several high-energy and intricate dance sequences, adding dynamism to the movie.

“Tiger Zinda Hai” – Mudassar’s choreography was evident in this action thriller, contributing to the film’s song sequences with captivating dance moves.

“Street Dancer 3D” – Known for its focus on dance, this movie had Mudassar Khan’s choreography adding flair to the various dance battles and performances throughout the film.


In 2023, Mudassar’s life took a beautiful turn when he tied the knot with Riya Kishanchandani, a social media influencer and model. Their fairytale wedding, attended by Bollywood bigwigs like Salman Khan, was a testament to the love and joy they share.

Mudassar Khan wife Riya Khan, marriage and net Worth
Mudassar Khan wife Riya Khan, marriage and net Worth

Riya Khan, isn’t just another star wife lost in the blinding glare of Bollywood. She’s a force in her own right, a social media influencer and model who has carved her niche with grace, beauty, and a disarmingly genuine personality.

Unlike many in the limelight, Riya’s journey hasn’t been paved with red carpets and designer labels. Born and raised in Delhi, she pursued a degree in fashion designing, her creative spirit yearning for expression.

But fate had other plans. The world of social media beckoned, and Riya, with her infectious charm and disarming smile, soon amassed a loyal following.

Her Instagram, a canvas of vibrant photos and witty captions, offers a glimpse into her life. She’s a fashion chameleon, effortlessly switching between elegant gowns and trendy casuals.

But beneath the sartorial flair lies a deeper substance. Riya’s posts are infused with kindness, positivity, and a genuine connection with her followers. She isn’t just showcasing a picture-perfect life; she’s sharing experiences, offering advice, and creating a space where people feel heard and understood.

This authenticity translates into her relationship with Mudassar. Gone are the days of manufactured Bollywood romances.

Theirs is a love story that unfolds organically, shared through stolen glances on award nights and goofy dance challenges on social media. Riya isn’t just Mudassar’s wife; she’s his confidante, his biggest cheerleader, and the calming presence amidst the whirlwind of his career.


Regarding his choreography, Mudassar Khan has established himself as a prominent choreographer in the Indian entertainment industry. He has worked on various Bollywood projects, contributing his unique style and creativity to dance sequences in movies.

Some of the films he has choreographed for include “Dabangg 2,” “Jai Ho,” “Bajrangi Bhaijaan,” “Boss,” and others. His choreography is known for its energetic and innovative dance moves, adding flair to Bollywood songs and enhancing the overall appeal of the movies.

Net worth

This dedication has paid off handsomely, not only in awards and accolades, but also in a net worth estimated to be around $5 million (as of 2023).


Speaking of awards, Mudassar’s trophy cabinet is a testament to his brilliance.

The prestigious Zee Cine Award for Best Choreography in 2017 sits proudly amongst others, a constant reminder of his ability to transform emotions into breathtaking spectacles.

But Mudassar doesn’t rest on his laurels. He hungers for more, pushing the boundaries of choreography with each project.

Conclusion on Mudassar Khan biography

Mudassar Khan biography isn’t just creating dance routines; he’s sculpting narratives, using his movements to paint vivid pictures that complement the film’s story.

From the pulsating energy of “ABCD 2” to the raw emotion of “Tiger Zinda Hai,” Mudassar’s choreography becomes an inseparable thread in the cinematic tapestry.

And his style? It’s as unique as his fingerprint. A potent blend of contemporary, classical, and international influences, all infused with the pulsating rhythm of Indian tradition. He seamlessly blends hip-hop with Kathak, Bollywood with salsa, creating a visual feast that leaves audiences gasping for breath.

But Mudassar isn’t a one-dimensional artist. He’s also a mentor, a guide, and a voice of reason. His stint as a judge on “Dance India Dance” revealed another facet of his personality – a stern but compassionate taskmaster.

He doesn’t just critique; he ignites, pushing contestants to not just move, but to connect with their inner fire, to become one with the music.

His words are sparks that ignite dreams, his passion a beacon that guides aspiring dancers towards the dazzling stage lights of Bollywood.

He’s not just a choreographer; he’s an inspiration, a role model who proves that dedication and relentless pursuit of excellence can pave the way for anyone who dares to dream.

Mudassar Khan biography shows that he is much more than just a dancer. He’s a force of nature, a weaver of magic on the Bollywood stage.

He’s redefined the art of choreography, making bodies his instruments and emotions his paint. He’s a storyteller, an emotion conjurer, and a testament to the power of unwavering passion. And as the music continues to play, one thing is certain: Mudassar Khan will keep weaving his magic, leaving audiences spellbound, one step at a time.

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