Tiwa Savage Biography, Songs,Fun Facts, Lifestyle, Album And Source of Wealth

Hold onto your gele, because we’re diving headfirst into the world of Tiwa Savage biography, the Nigerian songstress who’s been breaking hearts and charts since her debut in 2009.

Buckle up for a journey through her infectious music, captivating bio, sizzling style, and of course, a sprinkle of those spicy dating rumors (served with a side of skepticism, because a queen like Tiwa doesn’t need a man to rule her kingdom).

Bio of a Afro queen Tiwa savage

Tiwa Savage’s story is woven with threads of resilience and reinvention. Born Tiwatope Savage in Isale Eko, Lagos, she had music coursing through her veins from a young age.

Singing in the choir, learning piano, and soaking up musical influences like Fela Kuti and Whitney Houston laid the foundation for her future stardom.

But music wasn’t the only path she explored. Tiwa, the brainiac, bagged a degree in accounting from the University of Kent and even worked at the Royal Bank of Scotland before her musical fire refused to be contained.

In 2006, she participated in the UK’s X Factor, showcasing her powerhouse vocals and fierce determination.

Though she didn’t win, the experience ignited a fire that led her back to Nigeria, where she met her then-husband Tunji Balogun (remember him later) and signed with Mavin Records. And then, boom! In 2009, “Kele Kele Love” dropped, and the world knew Tiwa Savage had arrived.


From her unique Afrobeats rhythms of “Somebody” to the sultry R&B grooves of “Love Me, Love Me,” Tiwa’s music is a smorgasbord of sonic goodness. She can make you lose yourself in the dance floor frenzy of “Dorobucci,” then melt your heart with the vulnerable ballad “If I Start to Talk.”

Her lyrics are a blend of sass, sensuality, and introspective wisdom, often delivered in both English and Yoruba, adding a layer of cultural richness to her sound.

But Tiwa isn’t just about catchy tunes. She’s a lyricist who isn’t afraid to tackle real issues. Songs like “Koroba” and “Somebody’s Son” address societal injustices and female empowerment, proving that she’s as woke as she is wicked on the mic.

Style that Slays on instagram

Tiwa Savage is a walking, talking masterclass in African fashion. Her wardrobe is a kaleidoscope of vibrant prints, intricate beadwork, and statement pieces that would make Beyoncé jealous.

Tiwa Savage Biography, Songs,Fun Facts, Lifestyle And Source of Wealth
Tiwa Savage: image from instagram

From flowing maxi dresses to daringly short skirts, she rocks every look with her signature confidence and unapologetic swagger. And let’s not forget the hair! From sleek cornrows to gravity-defying gele styles, Tiwa’s hairstylist deserves a standing ovation.

Album 2024

Don’t forget to check out her latest album, “Celia,” because it’s a certified bop, and you wouldn’t want to miss out on the Tiwa-licious goodness!

Dating Rumors: Fact or Fiction?

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room – the juicy gossip about Tiwa’s love life. From Wizkid to Tekno, the rumor mill has been churning out speculations faster than a blender on smoothie mode. But here’s the thing: a queen like Tiwa doesn’t need a king to complete her.

She’s independent, successful, and fiercely protective of her privacy. So, while the whispers and clicks may persist, remember, it’s all just speculation until Tiwa herself decides to share the real story.

Source of wealth

With more than $10 million net worth and  business moves. Here’s a breakdown of the key contributors


Record sales and streaming revenue: From chart-topping hits like “Somebody” and “Dorobucci” to international collaborations with artists like Beyonce and Coldplay, Tiwa’s music generates a significant income through sales and streaming royalties.

Live performances: As a sought-after live performer, Tiwa commands high fees for concerts and appearances across Africa and the world. Her electrifying stage presence and engaging shows keep the cash flowing.

Brand endorsements: Being a fashion icon and influential figure, Tiwa is a magnet for brands. From Pepsi and Pampers to AXE and Ciroc, she rakes in major bucks through lucrative endorsement deals.

Business Ventures

Record label: In 2019, Tiwa launched her own label, Savage Records Africa, giving her more control over her music and expanding her business ventures.

Fashion line: Tiwa’s passion for fashion extends beyond rocking stunning outfits. She launched her own clothing line, Tiwa Savage Designs, showcasing her unique African-inspired style.

Restaurant: In 2021, Tiwa opened her restaurant, the Red Velvet Cake Studio, catering to her sweet tooth and entrepreneurial spirit.


Real estate: A savvy businesswoman, Tiwa has invested in properties in both Lagos and London, solidifying her financial security and generating consistent rental income.

Stocks and bonds: While details are private, there’s speculation that Tiwa diversifies her wealth through smart investments in the stock market and other financial instruments.

Conclusion on Tiwa Savage biography

Tiwa Savage biography potray her more than just a singer; she’s a cultural force. She’s the Beyonce of Afrobeats, the Rihanna of resilience, and the Nicki Minaj of Nigerian swagger.

Her music is a celebration of life, her style is a feast for the eyes, and her story is an inspiration to anyone who dares to dream big.

So, the next time you hear a Tiwa Savage song, crank up the volume, let loose, and embrace the infectious energy of a queen who reigns supreme.

And remember, this is just a taste of the Tiwa Savage story. There’s so much more to discover – her collaborations with international artists, her advocacy for social causes, her journey as a mother – the list goes on!

So, keep digging, keep listening, and keep celebrating the phenomenal woman that is Tiwa Savage.

Now, go forth and spread the Tiwa love!

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