Lavi Malik Canada Viral Video Leaked On Twitter, Reddit

Lavisha Malik, a renowned social media influencer and model from India, recently found herself in the spotlight for reasons far removed from her usual glamorous posts. The emergence of a leaked private video involving Lavisha Malik, also known as the 22G Auto Sales Viral Girl, has captivated public attention and sparked widespread discussion across various online platforms.

Who is Lavisha Malik?

Lavisha Malik has garnered fame as a popular Instagram model, captivating millions with her engaging reels and short videos. Her collaboration with 22G Auto Sales in Canada further propelled her into the limelight, earning her the moniker of the “22G Auto Sales Girl.”

The Alleged Viral Video

The alleged viral video, purportedly featuring Lavisha Malik, has stirred controversy and intrigue within the online community. The explicit content of the video, depicting intimate scenes involving Lavisha and a man believed to be her boyfriend, has shocked many of her followers.

Reactions and Speculation

Despite the widespread dissemination of the leaked video, Lavisha Malik has remained silent on the matter, refraining from issuing any statements or responses. Her followers eagerly await her reaction, hoping for clarity and insight into the authenticity of the leaked footage.

The Impact

The leaked video has cast a shadow over Lavisha Malik’s reputation as a respected personality on social media. While her loyal followers await her response with bated breath, the incident serves as a stark reminder of the complexities and pitfalls of online fame and privacy.


As discussions surrounding Lavisha Malik’s alleged viral video continue to unfold, the online community remains divided, with speculation rife and curiosity piqued. In the midst of the controversy, questions regarding privacy, consent, and online ethics come to the forefront, prompting reflection on the responsibilities that accompany social media influence.

In summary, Lavisha Malik’s alleged viral video has sparked a whirlwind of speculation and debate, shedding light on the challenges and consequences of navigating fame in the digital age. As the story unfolds, only time will tell how Lavisha and her followers navigate this turbulent chapter in her online journey.


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