‘I Found Love’: Singer Salawa Abeni Reveal New Husband

The Nigerian Veteran 62-year-old Salawa Abeni reveal new husband as she proudly introduced her lover, Rasheed Adahunse, during his birthday celebration.

Rasheed, who serves as the comptroller and commandant of the Customs Training College, had a delightful retirement and birthday party in Lagos last weekend.

Salawa abeni reveal new husband
Salawa abeni reveal new husband

Salawa Abeni reveal new husband as she took to her Instagram page to share a heartwarming video of herself performing at the event, expressing her congratulations on his retirement and birthday bash, addressing him as “comptroller Rasheed Agbolade Adahunse.”

According to a blog, KemiAshefonLoveHaven, Salawa Abeni affectionately referred to Adahunse as “my dearest husband of four years” during her speech.

The veteran singer emphasized that she hasn’t made a wrong choice in marrying him, emphasizing the power of love in conquering all obstacles.

In her speech, she expressed gratitude to God and wished her husband a long life filled with abundance. Despite their initial differences – with her being a musician and him perceiving her as a ‘complete Englishman’ – their love overcame these disparities.

The couple reportedly tied the knot four years ago, and Salawa Abeni humorously remarked that she should now be addressed as “Abeni Idunu Ishola” moving forward.

It’s a heartwarming tale of love prevailing against all odds.

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