Asake VS Rema: Who Is The Leading Voice In Afro Pop

Today we are going to look at Asake Vs Rema challenge, who is the leading voice in Afrobeat pop.

Though, Asake and Rema are two of the most prominent and successful young artists in the Afrobeats scene today, both having made significant contributions to the genre’s evolution and global popularity.

Asake vs rema, rema's biography
Asake vs Rema

While both artists share a common passion for Afrobeats and possess undeniable talent, their musical styles, influences, and overall impact on the genre differ considerably, leading to contrasting opinions on their respective positions as the leading voice of Afrobeats

Let dive into both Asake And Rema’s Biography to draw out some points

Asake’s biography

Growing up in Lagos, Asake’s household was a hub of melodies. His dad drummed, his mom sang, and music surrounded him. Discovering his knack for singing and songwriting as a teen, he fell head over heels for Afrobeats.

Asake vs rema

Life at University and Musical Rise

After finishing high school, Asake delved into theater and performing arts at Obafemi Awolowo University. Yet, his heart beat for music. Juggling studies and his passion, he began owning stages at local gigs.

The Big Break

It was 2020 when Asake dropped ‘Lady,’ a track that lit up the scene and put him in the spotlight. Following that hit, he unleashed a series of chart-toppers like ‘Mr. Money,’ ‘Sungba,’ and ‘Peace of Mind.’

The Album That Made Waves

In 2022, Asake released ‘Mr. Money with the Vibe,’ his debut album that soared to both critical acclaim and commercial success. This cemented his position as a major player in Afrobeats.

Musical Style and Inspirations

Asake’s music beams with catchy melodies and a fusion of Afrobeats, Afropop, and hip-hop. His influences range from local legends like Fela Kuti, Wizkid, Davido, and Burna Boy to global icons like R. Kelly and Usher.

Awards and Merits

Recognitions poured in for Asake, including wins at prestigious ceremonies like the Headies Award and Soundcity MVP Award. He’s been praised for hits that swept categories like ‘Next Rated Artist’ and ‘Breakout Artiste of the Year.’

Asake future in Afrobeat

Asake biography potray a singer with  talent, dedication, and a growing fanbase make him a force to reckon with. With his unique sound and work ethic, he’s destined to keep wowing us in the music realm.

Top Hits by Asake:


Mr. Money


Peace of Mind



Omo Ope

Yan Yan

Now let look at Rema’s Biography

Rema, the Nigerian sensation shaking up the Afrobeats scene! Also known as Divine Ikubor, he’s not just a singer, but a talented songwriter and rapper making waves in the music world.

Early Days and Education

Hailing from Benin City, Rema, born on May 1, 2000, grew up in a musical environment within a Christian household. His passion for music ignited during his teenage years, leading him to start singing and rapping.

Asake vs rema, rema's biography

He attended Ighile Group of Schools in Edo State for his primary and secondary education.

Rema debut song 

Rema’s biography become notable when he hit a high note in 2019 when a snippet of his freestyle to D’Prince’s “Gucci Gang” instrumental caught the eye of Mavin Records’ D’Prince. This led to Rema signing with Jonzing World record label.

His debut single, ‘Dumebi,’ dropped in 2019 and became an instant hit. Following that success, he released three EPs – ‘Rema,’ ‘Freestyle,’ and ‘Bad Commando’ the same year, showcasing his diverse talent and skyrocketing his status in Afrobeats.

International Recognition

In 2022, Rema shot to global fame with his single ‘Calm Down.’ The track soared to the top 10 in multiple countries, including the US. A remix featuring Selena Gomez further amplified Rema’s global reach.

His debut album, ‘Rave & Roses,’ also in 2022, received critical acclaim and commercial success, cementing Rema’s position as a leading force in Afrobeats.

Musical Style and Influences

Rema’s music is a mix of Afrobeats, Afropop, and hip-hop, boasting smooth vocals, infectious melodies, and an experimental edge. His tunes are often described as ‘vibey’ and ‘energetic.’

His inspirations span from local legends like Fela Kuti, Wizkid, Davido, and Burna Boy to international icons like Usher and Chris Brown.

Awards and Acclaim

Rema’s musical prowess bagged him several awards, including the Headies Award, MTV Europe Music Award, Soundcity MVP Award, and the BET Award.

Rema future in Afrobeat

Rema’s future shines bright in the realm of Afrobeats. With his distinctive sound, unwavering dedication, and a massive and growing fanbase, he’s destined for even greater heights in the music industry.”

Now  back to the Asake vs Rema’s matter,  Asake  is known for smooth vocals, catchy melodies, and infectious energy, is widely recognized for his ability to craft radio-friendly hits that appeal to a broad audience.

His music often blends Afrobeats with elements of Afropop and hip-hop, resulting in a sound that is both familiar and refreshing.

Let look at the key difference between Asake vs Rema

Feature Asake Rema
Vocals Smooth Experimental
Sound Catchy melodies Boundary-pushing
Style Bold and fashionable Playful and fun-loving
Influence Pioneer of new wave of Afropop Global icon
Accomplishments Headies Award for Next Rated Artist, Soundcity MVP Award for Best New Artist BET Award for Best New International Act, MTV Europe Music Award for Best African Act
Potential Continue to be major forces in the Afropop scene for many years to come Continue to innovate and push the boundaries of Afropop

Asake’s commercial success is undeniable, with his debut album, “Mr. Money with the Vibe,” topping charts and garnering critical acclaim. His singles, including “Sungba,” “Peace of Mind,” and “Trabaye,” have become anthems for Afrobeats fans worldwide, solidifying his position as a major force in the genre.

On the other hand, Rema, known for his experimental sound, genre-bending approach, and ability to push boundaries, stands out as a pioneer in the new wave of Afrobeats. His music incorporates elements of Afrobeats, Afpop, hip-hop, and even electronica, creating a unique and unpredictable sonic landscape.

Rema’s fearless experimentation and willingness to challenge conventions have earned him a dedicated following among fans who appreciate his originality and artistic vision. His international success, with hits like “Calm Down” and “Soundgasm” transcending borders and reaching global audiences, further cements his status as a leading innovator in Afrobeats.

While both Asake and Rema have made significant contributions to Afrobeats, determining which artist is the genre’s leading voice remains a matter of personal preference and perspective.

Asake’s commercial success and radio-ready hits appeal to a wider audience, making him a dominant figure in the mainstream Afrobeats scene. Rema’s experimental approach and genre-bending sound, on the other hand, have earned him a reputation as a pioneer and innovator, pushing the boundaries of Afrobeats and shaping its future direction.

Ultimately,  in Asake vs Rema’s  challenge, the question of who is the leading voice of Afrobeats is a complex one that defies a definitive answer.

Both Asake and Rema have made their mark on the genre, each with their unique style and approach. Their contributions to Afrobeats have enriched the genre’s landscape and expanded its global reach, ensuring that Afrobeats will continue to evolve and thrive in the years to come.

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