How To Pay To Your Passport Application Fees In Nigeria: New, Old And Renew

So you want to pay for your passport application fees in Nigeria?.  But before you can strut into that airport like a globetrotter extraordinaire, there’s the not-so-glamorous first step: applying for your Nigerian passport.

And with it comes the inevitable question: how much will it cost?

Worry not, our comprehensive guide is your trusty map through the sometimes-murky waters of Nigerian passport application fees.

We’ll chart the course and equip you with everything you need to know to avoid unnecessary financial shocks and sail smoothly towards that coveted passport stamp.

First things first: the fees depend on two key factors: your age and the number of pages you choose for your passport booklet. So, grab your birth certificate and let’s dive in!

Steps to passport application fees In Nigeria

Age Group Adventures

0-17 years: You’re practically a citizen of the world already! The passport fee for this age group is a pocket-friendly ₦8,750 for both 32-page and 64-page booklets. That’s right, no age tax on wanderlust!

18-59 years: This is where things get interesting. Time to choose your weapon: the 32-page booklet for ₦15,000 or the 64-page behemoth for ₦20,000.

Think about your travel style. Are you a weekend warrior hopping to neighboring countries? Stick with the 32-page option.

Planning epic, multi-continent journeys? The 64-page monster becomes your best friend. Remember, each additional visa stamp consumes a precious page!

60 years and above: Life begins at 60, and so does globetrotting! This age group enjoys another delightful perk: a ₦5,000 discount on both 32-page and 64-page booklets. So, grab your grandkids, dust off your bucket list, and prepare for discounted adventures!.

How To Pay To Your Passport Application Fees In Nigeria
Passport fee

Bonus fee

Address Verification Fee: ₦2,000. This covers confirming your Nigerian residency. Think of it as rent for your place on the map.

Express Processing Fee: Feeling impatient? This ₦25,000 add-on fast-tracks your application within 48 hours. Perfect for that last-minute escape to paradise (but remember, flights might not be that quick!).

Renewal Fees: Same fees as applying for the first time, folks! No age discrimination when it comes to wanderlust renewal.

Lost/Damaged Passport Replacement: Woah, hold on there! Losing your passport is a recipe for travel hiccups and a ₦35,000 fee. Be careful with that precious booklet!

Pro Tips for Fee-Savvy Adventurers:

Plan ahead: Choose the number of pages based on your travel frequency and visa needs. Don’t overspend on a 64-page giant if you’re a weekend warrior.

Renew on time: Avoid the ₦10,000 late renewal fee by sticking to the 6-month-before-expiry guideline.

Double-check everything: Mistakes on your application can lead to delays and additional fees. Proofread and cross-check before hitting submit.

Go online: Save yourself the queue-ing blues and apply online here. It’s quick, convenient, and lets you track your application progress.

Beyond the Fees 

Remember, passport fees are just the tip of the iceberg. Factor in additional costs like travel to processing centers, photos, and courier services to get the full picture.


Equipping yourself with knowledge is the best defense against unexpected fees. This guide was your compass, leading you through the sometimes-confusing terrain of Nigerian passport application fees.

Now, armed with this information on passport application fees In Nigeria, this will give you a healthy dose of travel excitement, go forth and conquer the world! Remember, the only limit is your passport’s page count and your thirst for adventure.

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