Venezuelan Singer Aérea Negrot Died At Age 43

Singer and DJ, formerly of Hercules And Love Affair, Aerea Negrot died at age 43. Negrot, a Venezuelan artist, was known for her work with the band, which included contributing vocals to several tracks on their 2011 album ‘Blue Songs.’

Her label, BPitch Control, with whom she released her debut album ‘Arabxilla’ in 2011, confirmed her death on Instagram. They expressed their deep sadness at her loss and highlighted her unique artistic talents and uplifting voice.

The cause of her death remains unknown. Born Danielle Gallegos, she came from a family of professional dancers and had initially pursued a career in classical ballet. However, a knee injury led her to transition into the music scene.

Before her time with Hercules And Love Affair, she formed the group La Familia Felíz, releasing the track ‘La Disco’ with Fata Kiefer and Milton Fermat. Aerea Negrot career began in Amsterdam at the age of 17 and later took her to the London Centre of Contemporary Music before joining Andy Butler’s outfit.

Aérea Negrot Died At Age 43 in Berlin. Until her passing,she was known to collaborated with several other artists throughout her career.


Who was Aérea Negrot and what is her legacy?

Aérea Negrot, whose real name was Danielle Gallegos, was a Venezuelan DJ, singer and renowned Dj, also a former member of the band Hercules And Love Affair. She gained recognition for her contribution to the band’s 2011 album ‘Blue Songs’ and her unique vocal talents.

Aérea Negrot was signed to the label BPitch Control and released her debut album ‘Arabxilla’ in 2011, along with multiple EPs. Her legacy is marked by her captivating music, artistic approach, and her impact on the music scene.

Which Age Did Aerea Negrot Died?

Aérea Negrot Died At Age 43 0n October 15th 2023. Her demise is such a huge loss to the entertainment ment industry

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