Tottenham vs Chelsea Prediction – Matchday 11 London Derby Preview

In anticipation of the upcoming London derby at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on November 4, 2023, we present a preview for the match between Tottenham vs Chelsea prediction , marking the conclusion of Matchday 11 in the Premier League.

Key Points for Tottenham vs. Chelsea prediction:

The Opta supercomputer predicts that Tottenham is likely to maintain their unbeaten start under Ange Postecoglou, with a 42.5% chance of defeating Chelsea. In contrast, Chelsea has a 29% chance of winning, with 28.5% of simulations ending in a draw.

Mauricio Pochettino, a former Tottenham manager, is now leading Chelsea and will face his former club. He joins a list of previous Tottenham bosses who have faced their former team in a Premier League match.

London derby: tottenham vs chelsea prediction
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Ange Postecoglou, currently at the helm of Tottenham, has made a remarkable start as a Premier League manager, achieving eight wins and two draws in his first ten matches. Only two managers have previously gone unbeaten through their first 11 Premier League matches.

Tottenham seeks to secure their fifth consecutive Premier League win for the first time since December 2018, with Ange Postecoglou potentially becoming the first manager to win his first five home games in the Premier League since 2017.

Historical Perspective:

Chelsea has historically held an advantage over Tottenham in their Premier League meetings. However, recent results indicate a potential shift in this rivalry, with Tottenham winning their most recent encounter.

Tottenham’s 2-0 victory against Chelsea in February marked the end of a 12-match winless streak against Chelsea in all competitions, presenting an opportunity for Tottenham to secure back-to-back league wins against Chelsea for the first time since November 2018.

Chelsea has been historically successful in away Premier League games against Tottenham, with the second-best record in the Premier League’s history. Chelsea has scored 51 away goals against Tottenham in the history of the Premier League.

Overall, Chelsea has won 33 of their 62 all-time Premier League meetings with Tottenham.

Current Form:

Tottenham enters the match in a strong position with 26 points from their first 10 games, representing their best start to a top-flight season since 1960-61.

In contrast, Chelsea’s 2023 Premier League performance has seen them lose 15 games, which is only one less than their combined losses in 2021 and 2022. This marks the most league defeats Chelsea has experienced in a single calendar year since 1994.

Opta Power Rankings:

The Opta Power Rankings, a global team ranking system, assign ability scores to football teams worldwide. Ahead of the match, the rankings indicate that Tottenham is favored with a 42.5% chance of winning, Chelsea with a 29% chance of victory, and a 28.5% probability of a draw.

In summary, the upcoming Tottenham vs. Chelsea prediction holds significance as both teams aim to assert their dominance in the Premier League. While Chelsea has historical success, Tottenham is poised to continue their unbeaten streak under their new manager. This London derby promises an exciting clash, with potential implications for the teams’ overall league performance.



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