Review & Download: Blood Vessel 2023

Hey there, horror movie fans! Let’s dive into the murky depths of Blood Vessel 2023,  Nollywood film directed by Moses Inwang. Buckle up, because this review is coming at you with a friendly human touch.


The story starts with a group of friends who are, well, time. They’re desperate to escape a town ruined by oil pollution, and a mysterious ship seems like their only chance.

Little do they know, this ship is hiding some pretty terrifying secrets… and a gruesome monster!

The film definitely knows how to set the mood. The ship’s dark corridors and eerie silence are enough to send shivers down your spine. You can practically feel the tension building with every creak and groan.

However, things start to drag a bit in the first half. We spend a lot of time getting to know the characters, which is important, but it feels like the action takes forever to get started.

Review & Download: Blood Vessel 2023
Blood Vessel 2023

When the scares finally do arrive, they pack a punch. The monster in this film is truly horrifying, and the special effects are top-notch. It’s just a shame that the overall horror concept feels a bit familiar.

There’s nothing groundbreaking here, but hey, sometimes a good, old-fashioned monster movie is just what you need.

The performances in Blood Vessel 2023 are a bit of a mixed bag. Some actors truly shine, bringing their characters’ fear and desperation to life. Others, however, don’t quite nail it, leaving their scenes feeling a little flat.

Where to watch or download

The film is currently available to watch on Netflix.

Here are some additional details about the film:

Genre: Horror

Director: Moses Inwang

Cast: Dibor Adaobi, David Ezekiel, Levi Chikere, Obinna Okenwa, and others

Production: Moses Inwang Productions

Release: December 1, 2023

Runtime: 108 minutes

So, is it worth watching?

If you’re a fan of creature features and enjoy a good scare, then Blood Vessel is worth checking out. Just be prepared for a slow start and a familiar storyline. For everyone else, it might be a bit of a mixed bag.

Download it here

Rating: 3 out of 5 friendly stars

There you have it, my friendly take on Blood Vessel 2023. Whether you choose to watch it or not, I hope you have a happy and horror-filled day!

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