Real Madrid Defeated Valencia Without Bellingham

The match ends with as Real Madrid defeated Valencia without Bellingham by an exhibited sheer dominance in their 4-0 win against Valencia at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium on November 11, 2023.

This marked their third consecutive triumph in La Liga, propelling them to the second spot on the table, trailing Barcelona by just one point.

The absence of star midfielder Jude Bellingham, suspended for the match, didn’t hinder Real Madrid’s performance in the least.

The game kicked off with a third-minute stunner from Dani Carvajal, setting the tone for Real Madrid’s commanding display. They monopolized possession and consistently created scoring opportunities throughout the first half.

By the 42nd minute, Vinícius Júnior secured the second goal, marking his 10th of the season with a clinical finish inside the box.

Real Madrid Defeated Valencia Without Bellingham
Real Madrid Defeated Valencia Without Bellingham

The momentum continued in the second half as Real Madrid netted two more goals at the 53rd and 73rd minutes, courtesy of Karim Benzema and Marco Asensio, respectively.

This triumph underlined Real Madrid’s ambition. Despite Bellingham’s absence, they showcased their readiness to contend for the La Liga title.

Key Highlights on Real Madrid defeating Valencia without Bellingham

Real Madrid showcased dominance in the 4-0 win over Valencia. This victory marked their third consecutive La Liga win. The team’s performance remained unaffected despite Jude Bellingham’s absence. Real Madrid secured two more goals in the second half. Insights:

Real Madrid defeated Valencia without Bellingham’ss victory was convincing, with sustained possession and a multitude of chances created. Their attacking prowess was commendable, with goals from Benzema, Júnior, and Asensio, alongside other near-miss opportunities. The team’s defense was solid, maintaining a clean sheet against Valencia, who had displayed a strong attacking game this season.

This win reflects positively on Real Madrid, asserting their contention for the La Liga title, even in Bellingham’s absence.

Looking Forward

The upcoming El Clásico against Barcelona on December 18 looms as a critical fixture for both teams, potentially shaping the course of the La Liga season.


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