Ashanti Biography: Songs, Album, Husband, News And Net Worth

Ashanti biography has always be an amusing story as she was discovered by rapper Jermaine Dupri at the age of 14.

She is one of the most successful R&B artists of all time. She has won four Grammy Awards, 12 Billboard Music Awards, and 18 Soul Train Music Awards.

 She has also sold albums worldwide, making her one of the best-selling music artists of all time

professionally known as Ashanti, is an American singer-songwriter, record producer, actress, and philanthropist.

Born in  New York, on October 13, 1980, she rose to prominence in the late 1990s as an R&B singer, for Murder Inc. Records. She is known for her distinctive vocals, which are often described as “breathy” and soulful.

Ashanti has sold over 70 million records worldwide, making her one of the best-selling music artists of all time.


Ashanti attended the High School of Performing Arts in New York City. She then attended the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), where she studied fashion design. However, she dropped out of FIT to pursue a career in music.


As of today, 2023-12-05, Ashanti is 43 years old.


Ashanti has released 8 studio albums, all of which have been commercially successful. Her debut album, “Ashanti,” was released in 2002 and was certified 8x platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

The album spawned five number-one singles on the Billboard Hot 100 chart: “Foolish,” “Happy,” “What’s Love Got to Do with It,” “Baby,” and “Rock wit U (Whoa!).”

Other popular Ashanti songs include:

“Always on Time” (feat. Ja Rule)

“The Way That You Love”

“Rain On Me”

“Body on Me” (feat. Nelly)

“Rock with U” (feat. Ja Rule)


I’ve included a list of Ashanti’s studio albums below:

Ashanti (2002)

Chapter II (2003)

The Declaration (2004)

Ashanti’s Christmas (2005)

Illuminate (2008)

Real (2013)

Braveheart (2016)

Ashanti Forever (2021)

Net Worth

Ashanti has an estimated net worth of $35 million. She has earned her wealth through her music career, as well as through endorsement deals and acting roles.


Ashanti biography potray a live of luxurious lifestyle. She owns several homes, including a mansion in the Hollywood Hills and a beachfront property in the Bahamas. She drives a fleet of luxury cars, including a Bentley, a Rolls-Royce, and a Ferrari.

Ashanti Biography: Songs, Album, Husband, News And Net Worth

She is also known for her extensive collection of designer clothing and jewelry.


Ashanti was married to rapper Nelly from 2003 to 2009. She has been in a relationship with rapper and actor Nas since 2018.

Cornell Iral Haynes Jr., better known by his stage name Nelly,  an American rapper, was born on November in Austin, Texas, while raised in St. Louis, Missouri. Nelly began his musical career in the early 1990s as a member of the St. Lunatics rap group.

Ashanti Husband Nelly
Ashanti Husband Nelly

He signed with Universal Records in 1999 and released his debut album, “Country Grammar,” the following year. The album was a commercial success, selling over 10 million copies and winning three Grammy Awards.

His success with “Country Grammar” made him one of the most popular rappers in the world. He followed up with a string of successful albums, including:

“Nellyville” (2002),

“Sweatsuit” (2004),
and “Suit” (2006).

Nelly has also released several successful singles, including “Hot in Herre,” “Dilemma,” and “Work It.”

Ashanti First Child

Renowned Grammy award-winning singer Ashanti, aged 43, is overjoyed to announce her pregnancy, expecting her first child with rapper Nelly. This delightful news comes after the pair reignited their romance.

While Ashanti anticipates embracing motherhood, Nelly, a father of two, recently welcomed the arrival of his grandchild through his daughter Chanelle, aged 29.

The confirmation of Ashanti and Nelly’s impending parenthood was made public by US Weekly on Monday, marking a significant milestone in their journey together.

Their love story, which had its beginnings in 2003 and continued intermittently until 2013, was reignited this year when the duo was spotted hand in hand at a Las Vegas boxing match in April, sparking rumors of their reconciliation.

Their shared history, including meeting at a Grammy Awards press conference, adds a romantic touch to the anticipation of their first child together.

Beyond their personal lives, Ashanti biography  has always been remarkable with Nelly mading  headlines across the entertainment industry, captivating audiences with their talent and charisma. This exciting chapter in their relationship heralds a joyous new phase for the celebrated pair.

The news of Ashanti’s pregnancy has brought an outpouring of support and well-wishes from fans worldwide, eager to witness this new chapter in the lives of these beloved artists.

As they prepare to embrace parenthood together, their fans eagerly await the arrival of their bundle of joy and wish them nothing but happiness and fulfillment in this next chapter of their lives.

The love story between Ashanti and Nelly continues to captivate hearts, symbolizing hope and the beauty of new beginnings in their journey together.

Overall on Ashanti biography

Ashanti is a talented and successful singer, songwriter, and actress. She has achieved immense success in her career and lives a luxurious lifestyle. She is an inspiration to many and is sure to continue to entertain fans for many years to come.

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