Anthony Joshua Biography: Age, Parents, Siblings, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Social Media

Anthony Joshua Biography

Anthony Joshua, born on October 15, 1989, in Watford, England, emerged as a titan in the realm of heavyweight boxing. From his humble beginnings to Olympic glory and professional success, his journey is a testament to perseverance and dedication.

Anthony Joshua Age

At 34 years old, Anthony Joshua continues to inspire and dominate the world of boxing with his unparalleled skill and determination.

Anthony Joshua Parents

Anthony Joshua’s parents, Robert Joshua and Yeta Odusanya, played pivotal roles in his upbringing. Raised in Watford, England, by his Nigerian father and Nigerian-Irish mother, Joshua’s multicultural heritage shaped his identity and values.

Anthony Joshua Siblings

Anthony Joshua shares his journey with three siblings: Jacob, Janet, and Loretta, who have stood by him through thick and thin.

Anthony Joshua Son

Joseph Bayley Temiloluwa Prince Joshua, affectionately known as “JJ,” was born in October 2015 to Anthony Joshua and his former partner, Nicole Osbourne, adding joy and purpose to Joshua’s life.

Anthony Joshua Height & Weight

Standing tall at 1.98 meters and weighing 111 kilograms, Anthony Joshua’s imposing physique complements his formidable boxing prowess.

Anthony Joshua Net Worth

With a staggering net worth exceeding $80 million, Anthony Joshua’s financial success mirrors his dominance in the ring, solidifying his status as one of the wealthiest athletes globally.

Anthony Joshua Social Media

Stay connected with Anthony Joshua across various social media platforms:

FAQs About Anthony Joshua

  1. Who are Anthony Joshua’s parents? Anthony Joshua’s parents are Robert Joshua and Yeta Odusanya, of Nigerian and Nigerian-Irish heritage, respectively.
  2. How many siblings does Anthony Joshua have? Anthony Joshua has three siblings: Jacob, Janet, and Loretta.
  3. Does Anthony Joshua have a son? Yes, Anthony Joshua has a son named Joseph Bayley Temiloluwa Prince Joshua, born in October 2015.
  4. What is Anthony Joshua’s height and weight? Anthony Joshua stands at 1.98 meters tall and weighs 111 kilograms.
  5. What is Anthony Joshua’s net worth? Anthony Joshua’s net worth exceeds $80 million, making him one of the highest-earning athletes globally.


Anthony Joshua’s journey from Watford to worldwide acclaim is a testament to the power of resilience and determination. As he continues to inspire generations with his boxing prowess and philanthropy, his legacy as a champion both inside and outside the ring will endure for years to come.

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