119 Years And Still Balling” – Ebonyi Man Celebrates 119 years Of Existence

Happy birthday to Chief Uwa Nnabo, an Ebonyi man who celebrates 119 years of existence.

According to a Facebook user Honorable Obinna, he posted the photo of the chief on his birthday, wishing him a long long life and prosperity.

Though the man age came as a shock to very online users. No one could believe there could be a man that will be over 110 years of age and still be alive and agile.

From the picture, it is clear that the man is still as strong as a stone, despite the fact that some people of his age might have been bedridden.

 Ebonyi Man Celebrates 119 years Of Existence
Chief Nnabo

A lot of netizens has reacted online, due to the unbelievable age of the man. That shows he was born in the 1890’s and still be alive, strong and healthy. This man should be adored and worship.

Kudos goes to his children, wife and grandchildren, who took great care of him till today. Had it been the man was not properly taken good care of, he might have died.

As we all know good food is the friend of an health skin. An old people eating good food may still be healthy and have the chances of living longer, while avoiding premature death.

As the Ebonyi man celebrates 119 years Of existence in Nigeria, one thing is clear: One can live longer if one see good people around that can take proper care of someone.

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